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We kindly request the below consent form to be filled out on THE DAY OF (no earlier) each and every piercing appointment at Inkantations.


Age Requirements for piercings are detailed here:

  • 10-13 years - Ear lobes ONLY - a parent or legal guardian MUST be present & must co-sign the consent form

  • 14-16 years - All ear piercings - a parent or legal guardian MUST be present & must co-sign the consent form

  • 16+ - All piercings except nipple piercings

  • 18+ years - All piercings listed

You MUST bring a physical form of photo ID with you (driving license, passport or valid UK citizen card), regardless of your age, as this will be checked and we will not be able to carry out the piercing without this! Anyone under the age of 25 without physical ID will be turned away. Photocopies or photographs of ID cannot be accepted.

Under 16s must also ensure their attending parent brings photo ID along with them of the same surname as you. If this is not possible, they must bring a second form of ID with them that verifies their relationship to you, such as a birth certificate. Similarly, for legal guardians, they must bring a form of photo ID as well as that verifies their relationship to you.


Please be aware that we are unable to continue with your appointment without this consent form having been completed accurately.

Thank you - we can't wait to see you!

I acknowledge by signing this agreement that I have been given the full opportunity to ask any questions which I might have about obtaining a body piercing and that my questions have been answered to my satisfaction.


I acknowledge that it is not reasonably possible for my practitioner to determine whether I might have an allergic reaction to the jewellery or the processes used during my piercing and I agree to accept the risk that such is possible. I have notified my piercer of any known allergies I have such as, an allergy to latex or metals.


I acknowledge that infection is always possible as a result of obtaining a body piercing, particularly in the event that I do not take proper care of my piercing. I agree to follow all instructions given by MY practitioner concerning the proper care of my piercing while it is healing. I confirm I do not feel unwell or show any known COVID-19 symptoms and I have not been exposed to anyone who has contracted COVID-19. I acknowledge that obtaining a piercing whilst my immune system is low may have an adverse effect on it's healing and I will reschedule my appointment should I feel unwell. 

I acknowledge that a piercing can make a permanent change to my appearance by way of scarring. To my knowledge, I do not have a physical, mental or medical impairment or disability which might affect my wellbeing as a direct or indirect result of my decision to have a piercing.


I acknowledge I am over the age of sixteen or I have a parent/legal guardian present if under the age of sixteen and that I have truthfully represented to my piercer that the obtaining of a piercing is my decision. 

I understand that I will be pierced using the appropriate instruments and sterilisation processes. I understand that the needle used during my piercing is pre-sterillised and is single use only. All jewellery used is that of high quality, Implant-Grade Titanium (Grades 6al4v & ASTM F136) only, bought exclusively from reputable suppliers. 

This is to certify that I, the below named and undersigned, do give my permission to be pierced and I am fully aware of the process involved and understand the importance of the daily aftercare procedure.

Have you suffered from any of the following? If you answer yes to any of the below, please ensure you have consulted a GP before proceeding and make your artist aware
Please tick the following to confirm you are NOT:
I acknowledge that there is always a risk piercings won’t always be accepted by the body, they can be rejected and piercing bumps can occur. This can happen in a number of possible ways, during the initial healing phase, or once the piercing is fully healed
Your piercer will explain your aftercare in full at the end of your appointment and will provide you with an aftercare leaflet (a link to an online copy will also be emailed to you). Our team are always on hand to offer full support.
If I experience any abnormal symptoms or have concerns about my piercing, I will contact Inkantations immediately for their professional advice. If unable to contact Inkantations, I will seek medical advice immediately.

Being an inclusive studio, we always strive to ensure that everyone's individual needs are catered for. 

Once submitted, you'll be directed to our Piercing Aftercare page!

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