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At Inkantations, we believe that a huge part of what sets us apart from other studios is our attitude towards our clients (and each other). Our clients are the most important thing to us and we want to ensure that they have the BEST experience, in addition to a kick-ass new piece of body art or jewellery!

Let's face it, getting tattooed or pierced -whether it's your first or your fiftieth time - can be really daunting for a lot of people and so we put our all into making you feel right at home as soon as you walk in the door. Therefore, we have spent time developing our Studio Values - these are split up into our purpose, our vision & our mission. Keep reading to find out more! 

Our Purpose

- "Be Bold, Be You" -

We often refer to ourselves and our clients as "the pink sheep of the crowd". Everyone is unique, everyone has experienced different things and that is what makes us all beautiful!

We support & love ALL individuals.

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Our Vision

- Making tattooing accessible, comfortable and professional, whilst providing a passionate and EPIC customer-focused experience  -

We want everyone to feel welcomed in our Studio and to receive equally outstanding levels of support throughout their entire journey - from the moment we respond to your initial enquiry, right through to providing industry leading aftercare advice.

Our Mission

- Since 2011, we have built our professional reputation based on our high standards of super talented artists, outstanding sterility and affectionate welcome - every one of our clients really are part of our 'family'. 

We genuinely care about our team's wellbeing and offer a supportive, open and safe workspace - we truly love encouraging each individual to grow, progress & flourish! 

We have progressive values, with a different approach to working and are passionate about encompassing a highly collaborative & creative team.

It is time that tattoo artists gain recognition for their skill, passion & professionalism! -  

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