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Healing a new piercing can be a long process & will differ from person to person - some piercings can even take up to a year to heal completely!


We believe it is vital that we educate our clients on how to safely care for a new piercing, as well as guiding you on what to expect during this crucial time! 

Please have a read about the awesome product, NeilMed Piercing Aftercare Mist that we recommend and have a flick through our detailed aftercare leaflet below!

Aftercare Products


Mixing your own sea salt solution is no longer a recommended aftercare method. Using the incorrect salt-to-water ratio can really affect how your piercing heals. Using a perfectly mixed saline solution (containing only .09% sodium chloride) eradicates this room for error.

We recommend using the NeilMed Piercing Aftercare Mist! This is a sterile isotonic saline solution, formulated specifically for healing wounds. This makes it perfect for fresh piercings! It sprays a fine mist onto the piercing meaning it is incredibly easy to use.

Piercing Aftercare Leaflet

Lost your aftercare leaflet? No problem! Use the button below to download a digital copy :)

Tattoo Aftercare: Files
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